This year I am putting a home-made wreath up.

Over a year ago I twined the ivy clockwise for the sun into a wreath and it has been sitting in the violently pink bedroom for the last year while I waited for the wood to finish the drying process.

This weekend I cut holly and larch cones in the local wood. Not much of the holly had berries on, but there was enough. I was always careful to bless the tree I took the produce from. I found some mistletoe going free in town as the stallholder had left for the day leaving bags of mistletoe behind, so I took one.

For me, both the ivy woven clockwise and the circular shape of the wreath symbolise the sun. Mistletoe is not usually used in wreaths but I wanted it for its fertility associations and I am using holly to symbolise blood. I didn’t use the cones in the end, but will keep them to use for other decorations.


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