Tips for Newbies

If you are a witch or pagan of whatever path you are following, then please take it seriously.

Research your path, keep reading about it and doing things that enrich it. Too many people just pay lip-service to it; they like the idea of being a witch or pagan but don’t want to bother to do any work.

If someone disagrees with you, remember that they may have a point and think about it. On the other hand, they may be spouting rubbish, but at least consider what they are saying before replying to them.

Someone asking questions may be genuinely wanting to know, instead of gaining ammunition for a disagreement. I feel it’s important to question your path and understand it. If you don’t know, then say so as no-one knows everything.

Don’t get in an argument or discussion when you don’t really know about what is being argued about or discussed – even if it’s a friend arguing or discussing it. Just watch from the sidelines.

Honouring Deity

I have been doing a lot of thinking about honouring deities lately. I have dedicated myself to one and I see others who have dedicated themselves to her only honouring one aspect of her.

I have thought about this and come to the conclusion that I have to honour all the aspects of a deity. I can’t just pick and choose the one I like best or the one that is easiest to honour, I have to honour all of them since I am dedicated to her.

For example, I couldn’t say that I’ve dedicated myself to The Dagda so that means I’ll try and be good at everything. I would have to eat porridge from time to time, honour the sun and honour him in any other facets.


Earlier in June, after being in hospital, I had trouble exerting myself physically and my doctor diagnosed me with malaise. I was off work for three months and then on a phased return, where you gradually build up the days you are working till you get back to work full-time.

Even when I was back at work full-time I wasn’t fully well, which meant that I couldn’t meditate, as I had been told not to meditate when I wasn’t well by my deities.

This week is the first week in six months I’ve got back to meditation. I got in to it fairly easily, but was not there for long. Like everything else, I expect it to get easier the more I practice.

I’ve also been told to meditate every week, so I will hopefully soon be back to where I was before I was off ill.

January Clearing Out

After the secular New Year, I have a big clear-out ready for Imbolc.

I go through all the numbers on my mobile phone, all my email contacts, Facebook friends and pages and delete any whom I’m not in contact with any more. I clear out any files, both paper and computer and organise the rest into folders for easy finding. I also go through books, videos/DVDs and wardrobes and clear out anything I don’t need any more, which go to charity shops.

During this time we make an effort to use up anything in the freezer. Last year we tried to get the freezer cleared, but the accumulation of beans which had been soaked and then frozen was too much for us. Hopefully this year we’ll do better.