Tips for Newbies

If you are a witch or pagan of whatever path you are following, then please take it seriously.

Research your path, keep reading about it and doing things that enrich it. Too many people just pay lip-service to it; they like the idea of being a witch or pagan but don’t want to bother to do any work.

If someone disagrees with you, remember that they may have a point and think about it. On the other hand, they may be spouting rubbish, but at least consider what they are saying before replying to them.

Someone asking questions may be genuinely wanting to know, instead of gaining ammunition for a disagreement. I feel it’s important to question your path and understand it. If you don’t know, then say so as no-one knows everything.

Don’t get in an argument or discussion when you don’t really know about what is being argued about or discussed – even if it’s a friend arguing or discussing it. Just watch from the sidelines.


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