The Druids by T. D. Kendrick

This is an informative and easy to read book which is good for someone who has not read a lot about druids, like myself.

The author wrote the book so he would be able to come to a conclusion about their origin. Unfortunately he concludes that he cannot do so, but it is still a good book with a lot of basic information about the druids and one I would recommend.

Anyone who has read a lot about the druids would be advised to give this book a miss as they are unlikely to learn anything new.

Urban Pagan or Witch

Even if you are following a nature-based path you can work perfectly well in an urban setting.

Most British cities and even small towns have parks where you can get in touch with nature and pick up fallen branches for future use in spells.

While I have never done a ritual in Hyde Park in London, I would not hesitate to do so as the public would think I was either mad or on drugs and therefore not interfere unless I started messing around with fire, when they would go to a safe distance away from me and call the fire brigade.

Even if you do not have a park nature is all around you in towns. There is grass pushing up shoots in concrete, pigeons abound and I once saw a wild peregrine falcon in the Tower of London.
Nature is everywhere : you just have to open your eyes and look for it.

More Deity Work

At present, I have read my notes for The Morrigan and written down anything she is a deity of, plus any associations mentioned in my notes, which I have taken from any books or texts I have read.
Now I have to do this for all deities.

This was what I meant when I said in earlier posts that we have to put the work in. It’s no good looking up deity associations on the net when you don’t know that the person hasn’t just made it up or got it from a spurious source. It has to be extrapolated from texts or authors of whom you know their veracity.

After all, anyone can post anything on the net.


Between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc I clear out the house. I go through my files and throw out/shred anything that’s no longer relevant, delete any files I don’t need on the computer and donate to charity any books or clothes I don’t want/need anymore. Unfortunately this year I only did some of the books and the files. I’m still helping hubby sort out his Mum’s place and being away every other weekend is taking its toll.

Imbolc was much busier than I had meant it to be. I did my ritual before breakfast. This was the first time I’d done a ritual straight after waking up and without having anything to eat for around eight hours. The ritual was heightened by my lack of sleeping and eating beforehand. I would like to experiment with a proper fast, but at the moment it’s inadvisable medically. I would recommend anyone who is able to do a pre-breakfast ritual to try it.

I had stopped writing rituals as they turned out to be mostly the same, but after Imbolc I will have to start writing again as I was so unprepared for it. I had meant to make Boxty Bread, which is a traditional Irish Imbolc dish which I made last year, but I got to the 31st and thought “aargh, it’s Imbolc tomorrow”.

The ritual went well, but it could have been a lot better. I did my usual post-ritual meditation and the deities were happy with my work, it was just that I’m not happy with it. Winging it is all very well on the odd occasion, but I want my rituals to have more substance and that means writing them, so I can plan things properly and have food and drink and other things in place before the ritual starts.

I had to go into the woods to get a branch to make my Brigit’s cross. The woods were a quagmire and I went in and out quickly as it was threatening to rain, but I got the wood I needed. When I made the cross I placed it over the front door for protection and then moved last year’s cross to the loft.

The old crosses traditionally go into the rafters to protect the house from fire and lightning, but I had moved them out as we were having work done on the loft. They’ve been waiting to go back in, so this was a good time to do so. I was surprised to find that I had five crosses to be placed in the loft – I didn’t realise I had been doing this for so long.

I also renewed protections on the house. Imbolc is a good time to do this, but if I miss it I will do it when I remember. The fact that I do it on Imbolc helps me remember, but it can be done any time of the year.