Spring Equinox

The purpose of this ritual was for fertility and a baby, so before I started I spent five minutes weeding so I would have earth under my fingernails.

I then went into the garden naked and I anointed myself three times with water from the rain butt. I cast the circle as normal, except for the fact that the candles kept going out, so I had to visualise them lit instead.

I had a packet of seeds, some of which I put in my hair (several of them ended up in my post-ritual bath) and cast some to the earth as an offering for a child, while stating my desire.
I then gave thanks for the Spring and wound the ritual down.

I had placed a chocolate nest which I had cooked prior to the ritual as an offering in the circle and was going to leave it there, but I was told to eat it, so I did. Chocolate nests are comprised of cornflakes coated in chocolate with chocolate mini-eggs in the middle.


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