New Year’s Resolutions

I celebrate my New Year now, when the sap is rising in the trees and everything is growing. It seems better to me to do it now rather than in the Winter when a lot of plants are dead and there is snow on the ground.

I’ve found that resolutions are best when they’re made for the person you want to become. For example, one of my resolutions a few years ago was to make a new recipe each month as I wanted to be able to cook a large range of recipes. Because of that resolution I can now cook a large range of recipes.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete many of my resolutions for last year, so I’m only going to make one this year as I think I’ve been making too many for me to cope with.

I have a list of tasks to do which started when we moved in to this house a few years ago and has been getting smaller. My goal is to get rid of this list this year.


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