Once again, the ritual was prepared at the last moment and unsatisfactory to me. It worked, but it could have been so much better.

I did search on the net for food and drink to have at Beltane, but I couldn’t find anything apart from nettle soup, which is traditionally made at springtime and other recipes which look invented. There were one or two books which came up on my search which I am going to have to get out of the library and see if they’re any good.

I did get a hawthorn branch in for Beltane, the only time it isn’t unlucky to have that particular tree in the house or cut branches from it. Hawthorn is one of the trees that’s traditionally a fairy tree and they don’t like humans interfering with what is theirs.

I usually do a spell to protect the cat against disease, but since she was in the cattery I will have to do that when she returns, but after I have put the flea treatment on her.


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