Judging Deities

People seem to put deities into two categories : nice and nasty. Nasty ones can include The Morrigan and Loki and nice ones can include Brigit and Flora.

This is because people look at the functions of the deities and apply the morality current at the time. For example, until World War One was used to be thought of as a glorious thing and it was good to die for your country.

The Morrigan has war functions so is often classified as nasty or evil in one graphic novel I read. Brigit has functions of hearth and home so is classified as nice.

People are judging deities on their function and not their personality. I find that The Morrigan is not as nasty or as evil as people believe, will respond fairly to what I have said or done and leaves me more latitude than other deities.

On the other hand I used to have problems with water in properties I rented because I was not responding to Siannon. For some of this time I wasn’t pagan and did not know that she existed, but that did not matter to her.


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  1. connie1978 said,

    June 25, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    I also am fonder of The Morrigan than many of my fellow practitioners. She likes to try and scare me but I’m used to her Ugly Scary Hag look and I just talk to her. Usually she will then settle down into her Mother face (if I need comforting) or her Wise Old Elder mode when I need advice. I’m unfamiliar with Flora but am VERY fond of Brigit whom we call “Bride” (Breed-uh). She has provided healing of our bodies many, many times for me and my family.

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