Weekly and Daily Tasks

I’ve talked for a while about doing things daily or weekly and it occurs to me that I have never mentioned exactly what I do daily or weekly in this blog.

Every day I give an offering to the land, talk to one of the trees on my way to work and to the ancestors on their altar. Every week I meditate and talk to any deities which appear.

The offering to the land, which is milk, keeps our household running nicely and I can get advice from my ancestors or just offload things to them.

The deities are another story. They can give me things to do or test me or talk to me about things in my life.

The Auraceipt na-Eces – The Scholar’s Primer ed George Calder

While I enjoyed reading the Auraceipt I often found it confusing, because most of it is to do with the word structure of Irish Gaelige and I only know one or two words. I suspect that if I knew gaelige I would find it invaluable.

The section on Ogham is very illuminating and gives insight into the system, although more study is required of the meanings given in the book. I suspect that some of them e.g. ash=weaving can be expanded into the tasks a weaver did, which would be well-known at the time the book was written, but not now.

This book has highlighted the need for me to look into the language that I use in spells; how a word is made up and all the meanings of it. I found that it’s one of these books that you do not immediately get much use of it, but has far-reaching impacts in your practice.

The Fluidity of Paganism

Paganism is an unorganised religion and some people seem to think that it means that we can make up what we like and do what we like.

Unfortunately for them we are answerable to our deities, spirits or any other powers that are out there.

If you get things wrong they will not take “I didn’t know” as an excuse and things will happen regardless of whether you wanted them to or not in response to what you have done.
So research carefully what you do before you do it.

New Old Habits

It’s so difficult to get back into old habits.

This morning I realised that I hadn’t meditated, which I used to do at the weekend and am trying to get back into.

I’m also finding it difficult to get back into sorting out a ritual for the next festival, although this weekend I spent five hours sorting out a job application which required an application form and a letter, so that was a huge chunk out of my weekend. I would much rather have been sorting out the ritual.

This coming weekend I will have to meditate twice (or see if I can do it elsewhere in the week) and write a ritual for Lughnasadh.