The Auraceipt na-Eces – The Scholar’s Primer ed George Calder

While I enjoyed reading the Auraceipt I often found it confusing, because most of it is to do with the word structure of Irish Gaelige and I only know one or two words. I suspect that if I knew gaelige I would find it invaluable.

The section on Ogham is very illuminating and gives insight into the system, although more study is required of the meanings given in the book. I suspect that some of them e.g. ash=weaving can be expanded into the tasks a weaver did, which would be well-known at the time the book was written, but not now.

This book has highlighted the need for me to look into the language that I use in spells; how a word is made up and all the meanings of it. I found that it’s one of these books that you do not immediately get much use of it, but has far-reaching impacts in your practice.


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