A geis is a prohibition which in ancient times was put on Irish heroes and kings. Other British countries may have had the same or similar prohibitions, but I tend to concentrate on Irish myths and legends.

I have accepted a geis laid down on me by one of my deities. It does not impact my life at present in any way; I questioned this, but was told that the point of it was that it was important to that deity that I obey this prohibition.

A friend of mine has accepted the geis of not eating red meat, which has really impacted her life.

I would not go looking to have a geis put on you, as in the old tales if you broke a geis you would die.

Autumn Equinox

My ritual for the Equinox went well, but once more I was winging it. This time it was because I was ill or on holiday and there will always be some circumstances where you have to wing it.

We went to the local woods to pick berries and got a good lot of blackberries. Hubby found a tree which had sloes which were nearly as big as grapes so we picked a lot to make sloe gin, which I will wassail the trees with at the Winter Solstice.

Reconstructing Folk Practices

For those of us who are reconstructing folk practices, the path is not an easy one.

We have to trawl through books trying to find crumbs of the practices that might be reconstructed. These books are books of folklore, stories or snippets that someone a century or so ago recorded.

However, it is a rewarding path that is worth doing.