Every Pagan has festivals which are their favourite and ones which are not-so-favourite.

My least favourite festival is the Midwinter Solstice, mainly because I feel that it can never get the attention it deserves because everyone is planning for Christmas, which I really can’t stand because we’re all supposed to play happy families.

Either Samhain or Lughnasad is my favourite festival. I love the turnip carving of Samhain and honouring the ancestors, while I love the funerary games of Lughnasad. I cannot arrange such games myself, but I can watch hurling and horse-racing on You Tube.

Animal Sacrifice

Animal Sacrifice

On Facebook recently I saw a petition against sacrificing animals in Nepal for a festival.

I would not sacrifice animals myself, but that is only because I know nothing about how to kill an animal and therefore could not do it humanely.

If animals are sacrificed humanely, then I have no problems with it.


This is the first time I have written about something which is not specifically Pagan, but this is an important topic.

Firstly, I would like to say that I have been treated successfully with anti-depressants in the past for stress, depression and pain relief. I have never been addicted to anti-depressants. I talk about this freely and have only met one other person who has been addicted to anti-depressants and he was taking valium in the 70’s.

From talking to others, it was taking the pills and also doing other things to counteract the depression or stress that has worked. At times I have used techniques of forcing myself to get out of the house and other times I have written a list of five tasks I wanted to accomplish. The first one would be “get up” as at one point it was so difficult to do that I wasn’t able to get up until four o’clock and once I got up I felt better as I had accomplished something. Others may use counselling or other tools.

I was shocked to hear on a Pagan podcast recently someone saying that he’d said to his teacher that he needed to go back on anti-depressants and his teacher saying “hold off on that for a while”. This is the reason that I am writing this post. Whether or not you are on anti-depressants is between yourself and your doctor. Do not listen to anyone else, even if they are your teacher or the spirit of Gerald Gardner. If you feel you need them, go to your doctor.

It Feels Right

I have been on forums and various groups for years and one of the ideas that is bandied around is : “as long as it feels right for you, then do it”.

I dislike this idea because it’s often used as an excuse e.g. “well, it felt right to me” which means that the person saying it could not be bothered to do the research or just wanted to do it so went ahead without thinking of the consequences.

This could be dangerous as what may feel right for you may not be right for the deity or spirit you are interacting with.

This paganism and witchcraft we do is the real deal, not something that can be waved around and nothing will happen, we need to treat it as such and remember that what we do has consequences.