I carved the turnips as I do every year. My turnip carving is getting better and faster – I may try something more ambitious than carving triangles for eyes, nose and mouth next year. I did divination with the tarot, which did not turn out too badly, but did not have any results I really wanted. Unfortunately them’s the breaks.

I went for a walk to my tribal tree where my baby is buried and made an offering of water to the tree. I found this very emotional.

Afterwards I went home and started cooking, which I had to break off to do a ritual when it got dark. After it had got dark I put the turnip lanterns out and did a spell to make sure that nothing that would hurt or harm us would come into the house that night.

I put a lot of candles in the kitchen, as we were hiding from the trick–or-treaters and cooked by candlelight. I had to put the lights on for a few seconds as I thought the pastry felt greasy (it was – I had measured out the flour wrong) but got away with it.

I made Homity Pie and Apple Dappy for pudding – both foods my Mother’s ancestors would have eaten. I don’t know any Scottish recipes for my Father’s ancestors as my Mother was English. I was careful to make the food with the imperial measurements instead of metric, as my ancestors would have done.

We ate food and talked about the dead, telling stories with especial emphasis on those who had died the past year.


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