Regular readers will know that I write a lot about deities. However, deities are not central to my craft and I know witches who do not follow any deities.

There seems to be three types of witch. The first invokes deities in their spells all the time. The second, which includes myself, is the one who doesn’t invoke deities in spells but will do rituals asking deities for things. The third is one who doesn’t follow deities at all.


I meditated the other day and talked to Brigit. We made a bargain, which was that I would follow her if she gave me a child and if it is a girl her middle name would be Brigit.


Some people think that witches are people who have the blood of witches in their veins.

It does not matter whether your granny or great-granny was a witch, read tea-leaves or if you have Gerald Gardner’s Book of Shadows. What matters is if you can perform magic and get results.

If you know you can, that should be all you need.