Why I do Spells

Since I am a pagan as well as a witch, I could easily do rituals or petitions to the deities for what I desire. Instead of which, I am apt to do a spell.

I prefer using spells as it is difficult with deities of whom you have had little or no contact with. It’s not impossible and I did once sacrifice a third of my pay to Bodb Derg (who I have never met in meditation) for a good judgement, which I got.

I would describe it as like asking a favour of someone you barely know. If you do your homework and approach them in the correct way then they’ll say yes. Otherwise they’ll say no or ignore you.

Shamanism in Storytelling

The other night I went to a talk on Shamanism in Storytelling at Treadwell’s.

The person giving the talk was a professional storyteller called Abbie Palache who told stories which had changed her life and why. After hearing one of them she gave up her job, with another she realised that she needed to slow down; which everyone had been telling her and she hadn’t been listening.

This was a really good demonstration of the power of stories. She will be back to Treadwell’s in April with stories about Odin and I highly recommend that people go to this talk.

The Sort of Spells I do

The spells I do fall into two main categories : spells to keep things as they are and spells to change things.

The spells to keep things as they are include house protection and protecting my cat against illness. As my hubby has recently pointed out, I should have a spell to protect myself from illnesses but I have not got around to that yet.

The second sort is to change things : to move a colleague on to another job or to curse someone who deserves it.

Worshipping Trees

It’s coming up to the Winter Solstice when trees are wassailed (it was when I originally wrote this, but unfortunately I have been ill) so I thought I’d write a piece on worshipping trees.

In the past the Irish tribes had a tree for their tribe, which I have. The tree represents the health and the strength of the tribe, so it’s important to choose a good tree. Traditional types of tree chosen include oak, ash and yew. Sometimes one tribe would cut another tribe’s tree down to insult them. The tribe would then choose a new tree.

Trees guard and look after areas of land or peoples. They are a long-lived plant which belongs to all the Celtic realms of earth, sea and sky.