Astrology as a Tool

Astrology can be used for knowing yourself or others, predicting the future or finding out what today is going to be like.

To know yourself or others you will have to do a birth chart, which is where the planets were at the time of your birth. This chart is divided up into twelve houses, which all have their own properties. The house, sign and any aspects a planet makes to others will all inform you about yourself.

To find out what today is going to be like you would need to take your birth chart and compare it to what the planets are doing today, making a note of any aspects the planets today are making to your birth chart.

To predict the future there are two ways : the conventional way (called horary astrology) and my way. In horary astrology you ask a question and do a chart depending on the time and date the question was asked and also where the querent was.

My way is when I have something on on a certain day I will look at what the planets are doing and take note of any aspects made to my birth chart.

Land Spirits

Wherever you live, your land spirit should be an important part of your craft because we all live on the land.

Land spirits are localised entities and differ from place to place. Like people, you will not get along with all of them.

Some will be chatty, some will only want to talk when they want to. If you are unable to talk to your land spirit, I would recommend leaving offerings for it.

It’s important to respect what the land spirit wants. For those who don’t like me, I always propitiate them with an offering of water, as I do not want to risk a broken ankle or subsidence, but thankfully I have never had a land spirit where I lived dislike me.

Gawain and the Green Knight

Last Wednesday we went to Treadwell’s to hear a different story with a different storyteller.

The story was “Gawain and the Green Knight” which was being retold from old sources as the teller had been academically trained.

It was interesting hearing this story as I realised that it was about adultery and the penance of messing around with another man’s wife, a story which would have been popular with medieval people as a prohibition on adultery was one of the ten commandments.

I suspect the interpretation of the story as a nature one is a modern-day invention, but since this interpretation mainly rests on the meaning of the word “green” I would have to look into this to be able to judge.

Hard Knock Life

Sometimes I really love my life, whereas sometimes I feel that life is hard and unforgiving.

It’s at these times I get my tarot set out and start asking questions. Divination is the first tool to use in these times. Sometimes it says to sit tight and wait as things will get better. This annoys me, as I prefer to take action.

Spells or petitioning deities is the next magical course of action. I say “magical” because magic not necessarily the best form. Sometimes it’s best to speak to people, sometimes it’s best to fire off a complaint. Divination should tell you the best course of action – if you ask the right question and interpret the results correctly!