Two Talks

Last week I went to Treadwell’s to see two talks. This was unusual for me, but one of them was a memoriam to Terry Pratchett and I did not want to miss this.

The talk on Terry Pratchett was a reminisce about Terry and his works. I particularly liked the toast at the end when we had to say one word that summed Terry up for us and then were asked to talk to people afterwards. The latter is not the British way, but I enjoyed it.

While I didn’t learn anything new about Terry, it was a nice way to say goodbye to him and I’m glad I was there.

The second talk, which we’d booked before Terry died, was Abbie Palache’s Tales of Odhinn.

I read the Norse tales when I was a teenager, but haven’t revisited them since, so my Norse folklore is rather sketchy.

Abbie told tales which fleshed the bones of Odhinn out into a real person and I have to say that her Odhinn is very like the one in Neil Gaiman’s fiction book American Gods.

At the end of the evening I felt I knew Odhinn rather better than before and I was glad he wasn’t Marvel’s two-dimensional ruler.


Since becoming pagan I’ve learnt to value experience over book-learning. Don’t get me wrong, books are valuable pointers in the right direction and you can learn a lot from a good book, but the best way to be a pagan is to go out and do it.

Before going out and doing something, research the h*ll out of it, as in the occult world the powers that be will not accept “I didn’t know” as a reason or what you’re doing will simply fail to work.

Always protect yourself. My charm bracelet is charmed to be a constant protection as it is a circle that goes around me. However, that is no reason for me not to make a circle when doing magic of any sort.


Some pagans I have met seem to want to whitewash paganism as “we never do anything wrong”. The reality is that pagans are people too and like all people, will commit crimes.

Historically we fed Christians to the lions for entertainment and persecuted them because of their commitment to monotheism. Some pagans like to pretend that never happened.

I suspect this attitude helps abusers in the Pagan community to get away with their actions, as it’s less likely they will be believed than in other communities.
Please keep your eyes open as we are not saints.


I know I’ve successfully got back to meditating, as I’m missing meditating at the moment as I’m unable to mediate as I’m not well.

It’s not that I can’t meditate, it’s that I’ve been told not to as it’s difficult for themselves to get through the illness and speak clearly to me.