Themes in Tarot Readings

When you have been reading tarot for a while you will notice that certain cards come up a lot in readings.

If the cards are The Sun or The Star, then you have a sweet deal going. However, other cards repeatedly turning up in readings can be a warning.

For example, I used to get the Ten of Wands regularly in readings. It was a warning that I was taking too much on myself and doing too much. I have sorted this out, but when it comes up in a reading I realise that I am slipping back into bad habits and do something about it.


Unlike some witches, I see nothing wrong in cursing those who have wronged you and yours.

I would advise letting six months between the event has finished before you do the curse. This means that you are only cursing when you really want to. One of my first spells was a curse against an ex which I did soon after we broke-up and several months later I reversed it, because the ex didn’t really deserve it. It’s too easy to curse in anger and regret it later, while other types of spell don’t require you to cool down to decide if it’s necessary.

However, anyone who has tried to destroy you (or yours) richly deserves being cursed although I would not curse those who have attacked you psychically. I would be the first to say that they deserve their bones being replaced with hot lead, but I advise against it because you are trying to get rid of ties to them and get on with your life. They will try and keep those ties, keep you thinking of them and remembering them and you want to get rid of them.

In that case, I would advise getting a crystal (or a hated plant) and performing a spell to shift the attack on the object or plant. I have had success with an amethyst crystal, but am too soft to try a plant.


To me, Lughnasadh is the funerary games Lugh inaugurated for his foster mother Tealte, who died clearing the plain of Mag Mell.

To honour Tealte, I make sure my working circle is clear of any debris before I do my ritual, whereas normally I don’t mind leaves and debris underfoot. I did my ritual and retired to the telly.
Normally I watch The Wicker Man as it has strong harvest themes. Some people may say that I should watch a film classed as horror at Samhain, but I’ve seen worse on CSI, so keep it for Lughnasadh. Unfortunately I didn’t have time, so I watched an episode of Charmed.

I then celebrated by watching a horse race on YouTube (only one, as I have never liked the way whips are used on horses) and some hurling as these were sports that would have been included in funeral games and Lugh introduced into Ireland.

He also introduced fidchell into Ireland, but the only computer program I have been able to find on the net has no explanation of the rules and the computer plays too fast for me to work out how to play the game.