To me, Lughnasadh is the funerary games Lugh inaugurated for his foster mother Tealte, who died clearing the plain of Mag Mell.

To honour Tealte, I make sure my working circle is clear of any debris before I do my ritual, whereas normally I don’t mind leaves and debris underfoot. I did my ritual and retired to the telly.
Normally I watch The Wicker Man as it has strong harvest themes. Some people may say that I should watch a film classed as horror at Samhain, but I’ve seen worse on CSI, so keep it for Lughnasadh. Unfortunately I didn’t have time, so I watched an episode of Charmed.

I then celebrated by watching a horse race on YouTube (only one, as I have never liked the way whips are used on horses) and some hurling as these were sports that would have been included in funeral games and Lugh introduced into Ireland.

He also introduced fidchell into Ireland, but the only computer program I have been able to find on the net has no explanation of the rules and the computer plays too fast for me to work out how to play the game.


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