Autumn Equinox

While I was setting up for my ritual in my back garden I saw a flash of pink under the elder tree. To my delight it was the cyclamen I had planted in the spring, which is unseasonably flowering.
This is a good sign as I am currently pregnant and regular readers will know that I suffered a miscarriage two years ago. I thought I had killed the cyclamen off because I didn’t water it enough. However, it may just die off naturally – I know little about gardening. The other good thing about it is that I bought a white variety, instead of the pink I wanted as that was all the garden centre had. It’s flowered pink.

I did the ritual as normal and I asked my ancestors, my gods and the gods of my ancestors for a natural birth, as well as thanking them for getting this far and that my baby has been measured and is in the normal range for development.

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I usually go berry-picking. However, I recently filled the remaining space in the freezer with elderberries for a cough and cold syrup called Elder Rob, as well as having blackberries from last year, so hubby not unreasonably put his foot down and said that we’re not putting anything else in the freezer. So I picked the odd blackberry and some elderberries to eat in the woods and talked to my tribal tree.

I also reviewed the tenets of my faith and while I didn’t delete any I added a new one. I will post these next time for people to digest.

Unneeded Cursing

When someone is hurting yourself and yours it is only natural to reach for a curse and deal out merry hell to the person.

Yes, it is absolutely deserved but sometimes the person will just carry on what they are doing.

One method I have used instead is a found out spell. This is a spell to get others to realise exactly what the person is like and is best used in court cases or other circumstances where the person can be penalised.

For example, your best friend is being bullied at school but the person doing the bully is the child of the headmaster. Cursing would probably provide short-term relief, but a spell to get the headmaster and other teachers to realise what this person is doing should see their bullying curtailed.


Sometimes the deities will ask you to do something in meditation. This is not restricted to those deities who you follow. It’s always a good idea to do what they ask, as I have found that the task is beneficial to you.

However, sometimes the task means doing something daily, for example reading the horoscope which I calculate using my birth chart daily, which means getting into a new habit. This is always more difficult and may take time.