I am a polytheist, which means I follow many deities. When I first started out, I read a book which said that you follow one male and one female deity as a “Lord and Lady”. My first year in Paganism soon disabused me of that notion.

For a while I didn’t really have a deity I followed (although I kidded myself I did) and then The Morrigan came knocking. I was researching Brigit at the time and then would rather have had her, but The Morrigan was adamant.

Recently, as documented in this blog Ogma walked into a meditation and told me I was following him. Brigit has also recently asked me to follow her (many years on, I wasn’t so keen!) so I made a bargain with her that if she gives me X, I will follow her.

This may all sound confusing, but they don’t get in each others’ way and I have made sure that they have no problems with one another.


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