As some of you will know, I’m expecting my first baby. Unfortunately as the months have rolled on with the increasing appointments and increasing need to sleep my posts have become more erratic. Thus I have to announce that I’m putting this blog on hold and hope to be back in May.

Midwinter Solstice

I realise that it’s a couple of weeks since the Midwinter Solstice, but I’ve been busy with Christmas preparations, social activities and sleeping as I’m in my third trimester and very tired.

As you know, I usually cast a circle with jars which contain milk, salt and a candle. For more information, search for my blog post on circle casting. This time I couldn’t do it as my pregnancy makes it very difficult to bend down. So I resorted to just drawing a circle on the ground. It worked just as well, but I prefer to use the milk, salt and candle method, especially as it makes a physical boundary which is easier to see.

I did my usual ritual and afterwards wassailed the elder tree in my back garden. I usually wassail all the guardian trees in the district, but again pregnancy prevented this so I did a symbolic wassailing for all of them.