Autumn Equinox

It’s a bit late to be writing about this, but last week went mental and I didn’t get time to post.

Unfortunately I also didn’t get to plan out my ritual, but had to do my usual standard one. I have seriously got to start researching the festivals again before I celebrate them, or I risk my celebrations becoming stagnant.

It went well, despite having a baby around. At first I was going to put the baby monitor on and do the ritual outside, with him inside. Then I realised he’d try to roll over in his playpen, get stuck, yell and I’d have to go back inside to sort him out just in case he was yelling for something else e.g. feeding or wanting Mummy cuddles.

So I took him into the circle as he hasn’t yet learnt to crawl and he was as good as gold. He’ll probably be crawling by Samhain, but I’ll worry about that when I get to it.


It is not often that you know your protective spells have worked. I have been putting protection on my house for years and a few months ago I had confirmation that what I was doing worked.

Unusually my hubby was ill, so my son and I were sleeping downstairs so he wouldn’t be woken when my son woke up.
At three in the morning my son woke up, but by the time I had switched on a light and made my way over to the cot, he’d gone back to sleep. I checked he was okay and it was then I heard two people walking past, which is unusual for our part of town, but thought no more of it and went back to sleep.

The next day we heard that a house a couple of doors away from us had been burgled. They had left their doors unlocked and the burglars were going past trying doors.


In the heathen community in The States, racism has reared its ugly head with the policy of the AFA being changed to “they celebrate their masculine men, feminine women and white children”.

In other words, men should be outdoors being rugged, women should be in the kitchen and all heathens should be white.
Not all heathens are like this and unfortunately you find discrimination in all branches of paganism.

If you are a pagan, I do not care what colour, sex, race etc you are. All should be welcome, regardless of what you are or what or who you identify with or as. Everyone should be allowed to be who and what they want regardless of what or who they were born as.