The Reality of Paganism and Witchcraft

When you decide to become a pagan and/or witch, you imagine it to be a wondrous world filled with magical things where you can wave a wand and make all your troubles go away.

The reality is that you just inherit another set of tools to deal with problems. You can see what the problem is by reading the tarot cards or look into the future to see if your spell will work. This depends on how good the reader is and unfortunately I am not that good a reader.

You may not use the tools in the right way. Using the tarot cards to make decisions for example, or there are times I have not asked the correct question.

You could curse a hated enemy, but the curse may not remove the problem or (for example) if you have cursed the enemy with digestive problems then they may take their discomfort out on you.

Then there’s the fact that spells take hard work. First, you have to sort out what you’re going to do and use. Then, do the divination to see the outcome of the spell. Third, repeat the first two steps till you get it right.

There’s also all the research and the reading and learning to do. There’s interacting with deities and the mistakes you make along the way, suffer because of them and have to put them right.

It’s fools like Silver Ravenwolf who write that you can become a witch by reading one book. I prefer Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax who says “I’m just learning every day”.


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  1. February 21, 2018 at 10:35 am

    The first book I read on Wicca was Silver Ravenwolf, and she’s great for beginners. I was 11, so she was perfectly for my age, and the book I read helped convince my mom I wasn’t getting into a cult. But as I got older, before I left me teens, I recognised there was way more to it, that if I wanted to truly be a part of that world, I needed to practice and learn every day like learning to play an instrument.
    I find many Wiccan books don’t mention that aspect. I find myself more drawn to Authors like Donald Michael Kraig, or even Crowley simply because they both teach the depth of knowledge that I feel one needs to be a successful magician.
    I think that despite popular belief, Wicca and general Paganism show you the belief system and acknowledge there is a set of tools to be used, like you said, but I don’t feel that there’s enough out there about HOW to develop the skill and know how to use those tools.
    I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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