There are many methods of divination. This is because all divination requires is ascribing meanings to various symbols and then pulling them out at random or thinking about the question with eyes shut, then opening them and seeing what there is.

I once selected a number of stones at random, closed my eyes and decided what the stone I picked out was going to represent (e.g. work life, love live etc) and then picked one. It was quite basic, but it worked.

A friend of mine once ascribed meaning to the dots on six-sided dice. I meant to try this method, but I put the book under my bed when my parents were coming round and the damn thing has disappeared. It’s especially annoying as I have a dice program on my phone, so I could easily try his system out.

Tarot cards are so prevalent because unlike systems such as cloud or fire divination they can be used as long as you have a light source. I’m best at cloud divination, but in Britain the sky can be a mass of solid grey cloud, which we Scots call dreich and is no use for divination.

I can’t get on with fire divination or any method that involves scrying : I just don’t have the talent for it. Someone tried to teach me many years ago and I tried, but just couldn’t get the hang of it at all.


I have heard that you shouldn’t perform witchcraft while ill. I would amend that and say I would not perform witchcraft while I was unable to function except if it was an emergency.

To muddy the waters further, I have found I am unable to read tarot cards with a headache but would have no problem performing witchcraft. Others may be able to read the tarot with a headache as it could be that the reason that I am unable to read with a headache is because I’m not very good at reading the tarot.

In other words, it’s up to you and your own limitations. I imagine there are a lot of people thinking “that’s not very helpful” but if you have fibromyalgia (like me) or another ongoing illness then there are days where you can perform witchcraft and then there are days when only two brain cells turn up for work and you’re not going to be able to do anything.

Newspaper Astrology

The problem with newspaper astrology is that it focuses only on the sign your Sun is in. It’s particularly inaccurate for me as my Sun is in Scorpio, but the vast majority of my planets are in air and fire signs.

This means that when the newspapers say that my Sun is in Cancer or Capricorn and good things will happen, they are dead wrong.

This is because the Sun makes some very nasty aspects (see bottom of this post for details if you’re interested) in those signs and only one nice aspect.

I am currently having a very hard year because Saturn is in Capricorn (which the papers probably say great times for me) and for most of this year making some nasty aspects.

This is why I calculate my own astrological chart.

Saturn aspects : square natal Moon, conjunct natal Jupiter, square natal Pluto (there’s roughly a 0.2 degree orb between the natal Moon squaring natal Jupiter, which is one of the reasons why it’s lasting so long).

Sun in Cancer aspects : first a sextile with natal Mars, then makes a cardinal cross with square natal Moon, square natal Pluto and opposite natal Jupiter. Later it squares natal Venus/Uranus conjunction and lastly trine Sun.

Sun in Capricorn aspects : square natal Moon, conjunct natal Jupiter and square natal Pluto. Later square natal Venus/Uranus conjunction and lastly sextile Sun.