What you believe shapes your world. I’ve just been watching the film “Shadowlands” in which the author C.S. Lewis suffered a lot because he believed that it was the natural state of people to suffer.

Granted, a film is not real life, but I believe that if you believe people should suffer then you will subconsciously seek out situations where you suffer. Before you get angry, please note that this is a generalisation and I am not saying that people are responsible for the bad things that happen to them.

What I am saying is that if you believe that you deserve a good life, good things and people around you, then you will seek out good things and good people – but you may still end up in a car crash, train wreck or other trauma through no fault of your own.

A good example is that I used to end up with partners who were not good for me. Then I started thinking to myself “I deserve to be with a good person” and I started ending up with better and better partners.

Carving Myth

I have read in other places the myth that “the wood always takes blood from the carver”. When I did some carving classes, my teacher warned us that this was a myth. He also told us that we should always carve away from our hands and he would shout at anyone who he saw carving towards their hands.

This was not a problem for me, as I had learned my lesson the hard way when doing lino cutting in art classes at school. However, he never had to shout at anyone and no-one ever spilled blood in his class.