Seasons Change

This is the time when the seasons are busy changing.  I notice it the most in my garden; the ground is now too cold for weeding and I am busy pruning, clearing the drive and putting drainage holes in the lawn.

I notice it also in the produce available in the shops; raspberries are no longer found and turnips have become available again.

Deity Family Trees

I am currently trying to do family trees for the Irish deities without my head exploding.  This is because I theorise that various professions were handed down in families and I am trying to find out if my theory is correct.

For example, we have Ogma, who developed the ogham alphabet and his son Coirpre, who is a poet.  Thus we have writing as the family profession.


I celebrated Samhain yesterday by doing a small ritual. I also watched “Arsenic and Old Lace” a black comedy set at Hallowe’en with lots of death and madness in it. I know a lot of people watch horror films, but I don’t like them.

I also carved a turnip lantern, which took the best part of an hour to do. It’s the hollowing out that takes time.

My husband was going to cook a dish his mother had cooked, but owing to an accident on the motorway he got back really late and we had a takeaway over a Babylon 5 film with Asmodeus in it, which was oddly appropriate as we didn’t know that when we started watching. I asked for “Sixth Sense” which would have been appropriate, but he didn’t want to watch that.

Turnip lantern (tumshie) ready to go on duty