I regret to say that I am stopping writing for the foreseeable future.

This is because I have chronic fatigue syndrome as well as fibromyalgia. The fibromyalgia is manageable, the chronic fatigue presents me with a lot of problems.

I cannot take my toddler to the playground because I am so easily tired and so he goes out to few playgroups because of this. There is also the problem of me succumbing to minor illnesses a lot. The wake-up call came recently when I had been ill for a whole month with one thing after another. The only time my son went out was to go to school and since his communication and relationships are an area he is behind in, he is suffering from my lack of socialising.

The chronic fatigue has come about because I am constantly doing things and doing things whether I want to or not and not making time for rest and relaxation. I have known that this was a problem for some time and had already slowed down considerably, stopped taking tasks on and was reducing the list of tasks which I had. Unfortunately, it was not enough for my body.

So now I have stripped down my spare time activities to what I have to do (housework, budget etc) and watching films, reading fiction and having long baths. I hope to build other activities back into it, but writing is off the agenda because I can’t write without a deadline and I need a deadline like a hole in the head.

I had been warned; the two of pentacles and two of rods had been coming up regularly in my tarot readings for years and unfortunately I need to make these life changes as of this minute unless I want to become worse.
So take care of yourselves and yours and I hope to see you back here soon.