Newspaper Astrology

The problem with newspaper astrology is that it focuses only on the sign your Sun is in. It’s particularly inaccurate for me as my Sun is in Scorpio, but the vast majority of my planets are in air and fire signs.

This means that when the newspapers say that my Sun is in Cancer or Capricorn and good things will happen, they are dead wrong.

This is because the Sun makes some very nasty aspects (see bottom of this post for details if you’re interested) in those signs and only one nice aspect.

I am currently having a very hard year because Saturn is in Capricorn (which the papers probably say great times for me) and for most of this year making some nasty aspects.

This is why I calculate my own astrological chart.

Saturn aspects : square natal Moon, conjunct natal Jupiter, square natal Pluto (there’s roughly a 0.2 degree orb between the natal Moon squaring natal Jupiter, which is one of the reasons why it’s lasting so long).

Sun in Cancer aspects : first a sextile with natal Mars, then makes a cardinal cross with square natal Moon, square natal Pluto and opposite natal Jupiter. Later it squares natal Venus/Uranus conjunction and lastly trine Sun.

Sun in Capricorn aspects : square natal Moon, conjunct natal Jupiter and square natal Pluto. Later square natal Venus/Uranus conjunction and lastly sextile Sun.

Studying Astrology

Studying Astrology

If you wish to study astrology the following books are useful :

Sun Signs by Linda Goodman : this gives detailed information on all the sun signs. Each chapter is divided into how to recognise them, the sun sign for men, then women, then children, then bosses and lastly employees.

Moon Signs by Sasha Fenton (or anything else by her as she explains things well)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology

Parker’s Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker. This is an extremely comprehensive book on astrology and will tell you how to cast and interpret birth charts.

Christian Astrology by William Lilly. There is nothing Christian in this book, he calls it so because it was written in 1646 when people were saying astrology was a tool of the Devil. This book is a very good book about using astrology to predict the future and answer questions posed by people. In days gone by it was used to divine whether the querent’s ship had arrived safely or if a women would become pregnant.

Using Astrology

Where astrology is useful is with my son. Everyone comments that he is an easy baby, but it’s just that he’s an Aquarius sun sign, which means he likes being independent. He doesn’t like being cuddled, but prefers to lie on his back and play or wriggle around.

Knowing that means that in later years we need to foster his independence or we will be in for trouble. Making sure he can be independent and enabling him to do things alone, but also being on hand to do things with him if he so chooses or give a helping hand if he will allow us.

He also has a Libran ascendant, which means he likes books (he absolutely loves being read to) and a love of music, which means that “Yellow Submarine” (which should be too long for him to like) can always stop him yelling, except if he’s cutting his teeth. One of the things on my to-do list is to get him out to music classes. The downside of a Libran ascendant is that he will argue for Britain.

His moon is in Sagittarius, which means he’s going to be a bit of a joker and unfortunately no loss to the diplomatic corps.

Astrology as a Tool

Astrology can be used for knowing yourself or others, predicting the future or finding out what today is going to be like.

To know yourself or others you will have to do a birth chart, which is where the planets were at the time of your birth. This chart is divided up into twelve houses, which all have their own properties. The house, sign and any aspects a planet makes to others will all inform you about yourself.

To find out what today is going to be like you would need to take your birth chart and compare it to what the planets are doing today, making a note of any aspects the planets today are making to your birth chart.

To predict the future there are two ways : the conventional way (called horary astrology) and my way. In horary astrology you ask a question and do a chart depending on the time and date the question was asked and also where the querent was.

My way is when I have something on on a certain day I will look at what the planets are doing and take note of any aspects made to my birth chart.


I have an astrology program which works out the aspects planets make to my birthchart each day.

This is essential for me as I will know each day whether it’s going to be busy, or if it’s going to be a bad day for communications then I’ll be careful what I say and who I say it to and so on and so forth.

I can also look at a certain day in the future (e.g. Christmas, which I never look forward to) and get an idea of what it’s likely to be like.

Interesting Times

Of all the planets that make life interesting, in my opinion Uranus is the worst. It is the worst because it governs things that are unseen until they strike, like lightning and electricity.

I have found that Uranus will strike without warning. The best thing to do under a negative Uranus transit is to make sure you are protected and to be careful. For example, Uranus is currently opposite my natal Pluto. Last week a car flashed its lights at me in the street to say I could cross the road. Instead of going ahead and crossing I looked to my right to check there was nothing coming. A milk van immediately whizzed around the corner. If I had stepped out I could have been looking at several broken bones and a long time off work.

Everyone has trouble during their Saturn return, as Saturn stops things happening. When Saturn is in a positive aspect, this means that Saturn puts the brakes on to stop you going full tilt ahead. In a negative one, or Saturn return, things just aren’t happening and the best thing to do is to wait until they start happening again. In my case, this took 2.5 years as Saturn was moving back and forward.

Pluto can be troublesome, but it is a planet concerned with hidden things such as your psyche and identity. Dark and troublesome things can be unearthed during a negative aspect, while even a positive aspect can be unsettling.