Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and the first festival I celebrated this year. During Imbolc I was being induced in hospital, while during the Spring Equinox and Beltane I was coping with the demands of a newborn baby. I totally missed the Spring Equinox and didn’t get it together enough to celebrate Beltane, which is a pity as I enjoy Beltane.

This also means that I need to catch up on the house protections I do at Imbolc and the spell for the cat’s health I do at Beltane. Thankfully I don’t have to do these spells then, but it is appropriate and helps me remember.

Sunday evening I got all the equipment I needed by the back door in case my son woke up at four in the morning, when I could feed him, put him back in his cot with my husband sleeping beside him in case anything happened and go and do my ritual. Of course, sod’s law intervened and he slept right through till half past six!

I got up and found it was raining. After feeding my son I gave up all hope of celebrating the festival outside, as it is difficult enough getting him out at the best of times and this certainly wasn’t one of them. I hope to make it outside for a ritual at a later date, but we will see.

I ended up doing it in the bathroom, as that was the only place with a big enough space to draw a circle. I ran three taps to simulate the natural world while doing the ritual.

I cast my usual circle and celebrated the day as the longest day and also Áine’s feast day. Áine is one of the Irish deities connected with love and I asked her for her help. She asked for an offering and I danced for her, as her court would dance on the hill of Knockainey, which seemed to be sufficient.

After that I wound down the circle and when I had done that my son woke up, so it was back to the real world…



I celebrated Midsummer last night.  I usually take the day off for festivals, but Midsummer crept up on me and I only remembered to book the day off when it was too late to do so.  So last night we did a small celebration to honour the goddess Áine.

Midsummer is Áine’s day and the traditional way to celebrate was to light torches to her and then parade the torch round the house to protect against sickness and disease and to ensure fertility for the year ahead.

We lit one tealight, which is the modern equivalent of a torch, at my altar and then we paraded it around the house.  In hindsight, I should have paraded it around the garden as well.