Results of Blessing Trees

Since I hadn’t written a wassailing spell for the last year or so I’d been blessing trees I took fruits from.

The other week I took a walk in the forest and found that the trees had literally bore fruit, which was bigger than usual.

I’m pleased about this, but still want to finish my wassailing spell, which will be used at the Midwinter Solstice and keep the trees blessing for when I take fruit from the tree.
I have never found the need to take branches from a living tree, as my needs have been supplied from fallen wood.



Samhain was interesting but didn’t go at all to plan.

First I carved two turnips while watching “The Wicker Man”. I’m not a horror fan aficionado, but so many people had commented on this film that I thought I’d try it. The film was really good, but its themes were more suited to Lughnasadh. I blessed the turnips and set the tea-lights in them burning before doing the ritual.

For the first time I did a ritual naked. I wasn’t cold, even though the temperature was down to single digits. I was going to be clothed, but decided to do it naked at the last minute going back from the shops with supplies for supper.

It was a ritual to commemorate the season, honour the ancestors especially my mother-in-law who died last March and the gods The Morrigan and the Dagda who had sex on Samhain before the battle of Magh Tuireadh.

The circle went wrong. I forgot things and had to go back before I started. I had candles in jam-jars (this is part of an experimental new circle cast I’m trying, I’ll tell you about it when I’ve finalised it) and after lighting the first candle the lighter ran out.

Some people say about cutting a door in the circle and opening and closing that. I prefer to improvise. So I passed the one candle I’d lit in the jam-jar around in the motion of a circle to cast the last part of it.

After that, I did my ritual and unwound the circle. I was in a hurry to make dinner, but hubby came round and distracted me, so we ended Samhain having take-away.

There was so much I wanted to do with this celebration and didn’t. Next time I’ll make the turnip lanterns the day before, instead of leaving it to the day itself as the celebration was rushed.