My Definition of Traditional Witchcraft

I try and practice Irish Traditional Witchcraft. As I have no teacher, this means reading a lot of folklore and finding crumbs that will enrich my practice.

When it comes down to it traditional witchcraft is all about blood and bones and sex. If those things make you go ick or feel like running away screaming, then I would advise you to choose another path.

I would also caution readers to keep their practices safe and within the law of the country you reside in.

If you let blood, use a pin or needle sterilised by dropping it into boiling water. If you are practising sex for ritual or magical purposes, always use a condom unless you are trying to get pregnant. Also, don’t do it if you feel uncomfortable with what is happening.

Having said that, I do not practice sex magic as my husband would not be happy with me having another partner and I don’t want to wreck my relationship with him, so I find other ways.


Halfway Through Making a Stang

I am in the process of making a stang, which unfortunately is getting interrupted by This Damn Wedding of mine.

I have oak wood for the stang, which was given to me by a tree I often talked to.  The wood is split into three pieces, which I will put together by dowel rods.  It’s being delayed because I first have to make a water blessing so I can give the tree I take them from an offering.  The wood for the main body of the stang was lying in the water, so I did not have to make an offering.  Then I will have to wait for the wood for the dowel rods to dry and carve out the spaces for the rods in the wood which will make up the body of the stang.

I was told by one of my goddesses that I was to attach the bones of the sea, the bones of the earth and the bones of the air to my stang.  I was given a mouse and four birds courtesy of my cat.  Normally there is nothing strange in this, but before now my cat had caught three birds in the entire eight years I have had her.

I have to wait for the mouse and birds to decompose so I can attach the bones to the stang, some of which are going to be put between the pieces of wood.  I have seashells for the bones of the sea, but need something to cut the shells up so they look like bones instead of shells.

After that I need an antler for the top and a nail for the bottom and it will be finished.  Unfortunately this is not a quick project and is even slower with wedding s**t intruding upon it.  I want to get it finished this year (my year begins at the Spring Equinox) but I am not sure this will happen.