Spring Equinox

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated the Spring Equinox.

A lot of Celtic practitioners don’t celebrate the equinoxes and solstices as there is no evidence that the Celts celebrated them. I believe that the stone circles and barrows etc of which the sun strikes them at a certain point on equinox or solstice predate the Celts.

I know of no evidence in myth or folklore of celebrating equinoxes or solstices, so I have to conclude that the Celts didn’t celebrate them.

So why do I celebrate them? It’s because I believe they are an intrinsic part of our lives which denote certain points when the balance of the earth swings towards the summer or winter, or is equally balanced.


Celtic Exhibition

A few days ago we went to The British Museum for an exhibition on the Celts.

The exhibition was about what the Celts were and are. I knew most of it already, but what was there was accurate except for lumping Picts in with Celts, when they were a separate race. The reason for this is the artwork, which they say is similar, but I can pick Pictish art out from Celtic at one hundred paces.

The highlight was seeing THE GUNDESTROP CAULDRON (excuse Caps) and was certainly worth the £17 admittance fee alone. They also had The Battersea Shield, so were pulling all the stops out to get exhibits.

I wasn’t surprised they had The Battersea Shield, as that was found in The Thames, but The Gundestrop Cauldron is something that I’d really wanted to see, but thought I’d never get anywhere near it. All I can say is that the photos don’t do it justice.

Lords of Battle

I have finished reading the book “Lords of Battle” by Stephen Allen. This book doesn’t say anything which hasn’t been said by other and better writers. It picks up mythology from Miranda Green, which has her usual superman-like leaps of logic and sent me looking at the notes to find out who had written the rubbish I was reading. I can’t fault the writer for this as he was taking notes from a known professor.

All in all, I would give this book a miss.