Danesbury Hill

On our way back from the West Country yesterday, we stopped at Danesbury Hill.  This is a Celtic Iron Age hillfort, most of which was dug by an archaeological team headed by Professor Barry Cunliffe from the sixties to the eighties.

Danesbury Hill is lovely to walk along.  We saw four different types of butterflies : chalk blue, marbled white, red admiral and an orange one I have yet to identify.  There were lots of flowers, including self-heal, clover, yellow vetches, forget-me-nots and some yellow ones which I didn’t know what they were.  There were also two ponies grazing the land.  I think I saw a medlar tree, but since it’s the first I’ve seen I need to check it in my identification books.  Medlars are unique in that the fruits of the tree are only edible when they are rotten.

I took an offering of water into the midst of the hillfort.  There is a place there, which has a ring of trees around a central tree which is very unfriendly to humans and very powerful.  My betrothed, who’s not sensitive to such things, could sense that there was a boundary.  I gave the offering and the hillfort seemed less hostile to me.