As a pagan, I think we who live in Britain have it easy.

While religion is not a taboo subject, if it’s mentioned people will move off the subject quickly. On one hand this is a shame as it’s difficult to have a decent discussion about what people believe. On the other hand, we don’t have people shoving their religion down our necks, except for those who proselytise at the door.

This means that I can keep quiet about what I believe until people get to know me and accept me for who I am and not shy away from me because of my religion.

While I have not suffered discrimination myself, I cannot say it does not exist as there were the cases in Orkney and Scarborough in the ‘80’s of pagan children being removed from their families. Only one child was not returned and no restitution made to the families for their distress. I would not admit to social workers that I was pagan.

However, in general we are not in danger of being attacked for our religion unlike other countries in the world.



In the heathen community in The States, racism has reared its ugly head with the policy of the AFA being changed to “they celebrate their masculine men, feminine women and white children”.

In other words, men should be outdoors being rugged, women should be in the kitchen and all heathens should be white.
Not all heathens are like this and unfortunately you find discrimination in all branches of paganism.

If you are a pagan, I do not care what colour, sex, race etc you are. All should be welcome, regardless of what you are or what or who you identify with or as. Everyone should be allowed to be who and what they want regardless of what or who they were born as.