Old Samhain

The 11th of November was Remembrance Day here in Britain, when we remember people who fell in battle to keep this country free.

It’s appropriate that the 11th of November is Remembrance Day, because before the calendar changed it used to be 31st October. Some people still use this day to celebrate Samhain, but I don’t because when the calendar changed people looked for a sign if they should celebrate the festivals on the day it had moved to on the calendar (e.g. 11th November for Hallowe’en) and the sign said that they should stay with the day they are (e.g. 31st October for Hallowe’en).

Remembrance Day always depresses me. People dying in wars that we’re in to show political muscle or for oil rights, rather than causes of freedom, justice and liberty. Wars that could have been avoided.

I always do the two minute silence as the people who fell for us and served their country should be honoured. Fortunately I’ve always worked in places that supported the silence.