Back in Meditation

Yesterday was the first time (apart from once last month) that I have meditated in a year. I will be going back to meditating once per week, as this needs to be a constant part of my practice.

I picked up from where I left off, meeting deities and being given homework by them. Thankfully I have until the end of 2013 to do it, but I will try and do it soon or, like all homework, it just builds up.

I also wrote the meditation down straight after I finished. I am going to discipline myself to do this, as there are too many entries in my diary saying “I have meditated recently, I just haven’t written it down”. I want to write every meditation down, so I can see my development.

Celtic Reconstructionism

For a few years I’ve been looking at Celtic Reconstructionism and at one time identified as one.

Reconstructionism is taking your practice back to what would have been practiced in the Iron Age and is feasible to practice now. If I lived in an Irish long house with the cows and the hens in the house with me today, Social Services would be down on me like a ton of bricks, and quite rightly so.

I’ve found that I can’t confine myself to one period of time. Things change. Other people have ideas which work better but Recons can’t use because they don’t belong to the time period. For example, I use a charm bracelet to carry any spells I need daily. That is an Egyptian practice, but it works well.

The trouble I am having is that I need to keep an eye on my practice to ensure it remains Irish and I do not take so many other things in that it becomes a hotch-potch of practices from around the world.

If I was Eclectic, it wouldn’t matter. However, I am following Irish deities, so I try and keep my path as Irish as possible.