This is the first time I have written about something which is not specifically Pagan, but this is an important topic.

Firstly, I would like to say that I have been treated successfully with anti-depressants in the past for stress, depression and pain relief. I have never been addicted to anti-depressants. I talk about this freely and have only met one other person who has been addicted to anti-depressants and he was taking valium in the 70’s.

From talking to others, it was taking the pills and also doing other things to counteract the depression or stress that has worked. At times I have used techniques of forcing myself to get out of the house and other times I have written a list of five tasks I wanted to accomplish. The first one would be “get up” as at one point it was so difficult to do that I wasn’t able to get up until four o’clock and once I got up I felt better as I had accomplished something. Others may use counselling or other tools.

I was shocked to hear on a Pagan podcast recently someone saying that he’d said to his teacher that he needed to go back on anti-depressants and his teacher saying “hold off on that for a while”. This is the reason that I am writing this post. Whether or not you are on anti-depressants is between yourself and your doctor. Do not listen to anyone else, even if they are your teacher or the spirit of Gerald Gardner. If you feel you need them, go to your doctor.


I was an Armchair Witch

An armchair witch or pagan is someone who reads books but doesn’t do any spells or rituals.

I confess that I used to be one of these. I became a pagan ten years ago last Autumn Equinox. Then I was being treated by doctors for stress and was signed off work.

My concentration was shot and the only books I could read properly, from cover to cover, were graphic novels as they didn’t need much concentration. Other books I just flicked through, reading bits out of them that caught my eye.

It took me five years to be able to properly read a non-fiction book. During that time I really wasn’t doing anything apart from reading forums.

Today I often wish that I was doing more with my path, but I have to remind myself that I was unable to do anything much with the first five years of my path and I also have a full-time job.