The Importance of Texts

It’s important to read the texts your path has. Most books are derived from them, but the writer’s interpretation of the text may not be what yours is and they may miss parts that are important to you. Some of the books written by authors who have read texts will be good. Others will not be so good. This is why we need to do the work and read the texts.

I’ve found this as I’ve read The Auraceipt, which deals with ogham. Ogham is a system of marks which denote letters of the alphabet and is found in some Celtic countries, notably Ireland and Wales. According to The Auraceipt Ogham has various meanings, for example ash is attributed to weaving. I haven’t seen anything that mentions ash as weaving in the books on Ogham that I have read, so it’s probably been missed out as not many people today weave.

This is why I am going back to the texts and working from there. It takes a long time to sort out meanings, but you know that you are using the correct meanings that work and not something that will be hit and miss depending on what else you use in that spell.

For someone following an Irish path who has not read any texts before, the best text to start off with is the Lebor Gabala Erenn translated by R.A.S. MacAlister. Most of the prominent deities are mentioned there and the book contains stories of their lives. Accallam na Senorach translated by Ann Dooley and Harry Roe is about the deities after the Lebor Gabala Erenn and a good second text to read.

Other paths will have their own texts which unfortunately I do not know about as I’m concentrating on Irish books and others which have been recommended to me.