Deities in Spells

There is a fashion for “using” a deity you need into a spell.  This shows disrespect to the deity concerned and will not work unless you have a relationship with the deity, as the deity does not know you.

I recently for the first time used a deity in a spell.  This was The Morrigan, who I have known for years and will help me with spellwork.  I needed a triplicity, as I needed to find my wedding ring which I’d dropped in the car but despite extensive searching had remained missing and is one of three rings I either wear together or don’t wear at all.  The Morrigan makes a triplicity with Badb and redactions of the Lebor Gabala Erenn name various goddesses as the third.

If you do need the help of a deity who does not know you, then sacrifice has worked for me.  I was in trouble and had a meeting to decide what should be done.  The Irish deity of judgement is Bodb Dearg, so because Dearg means red I coloured a third of my pay red to consecrate the money and burnt it.  I got a very fair judgement.  Offerings will work as well, but this was important enough to warrant a sacrifice.



I have been a pagan for sixteen years and am just getting into prayer.

This is not counting the “A, please help me with X thank you” requests which I suspect everyone of any religion makes when they’re in a tight spot.

I have taken so long to get into prayer because I was brought up as Christian, yet God never answered any of my prayers, not even the ones of which I’ve given an example of in the paragraph above. So I became disillusioned and stopped praying.

When I became Pagan and found myself in a tight spot, I did pray then and the prayers were always answered. However, I did not start praying properly again when someone on a Facebook Brigit group recommended it for becoming more in touch with Brigit.

So far I say a prayer to Brigit when I light the hob and one to The Morrigan before I shuffle my deck of tarot cards. I suspect prayers will become more a part of my life as I progress in my path.

Relationship with Deity

I originally wrote this to answer a friend’s Facebook query, but thought it would make a good post so I’m reproducing it with some slight alterations to make it read better.

It may have been only priest/esses who had a personal relationship with deity, but when paganism was reviving there were no priest/esses. In order for belief to be revived, deities would have to contact people personally, especially as the structure for supporting said priest/esses financially to be priest/esses is no longer there. Also I suspect that deities are adhering to the way things are done in the modern day (deities having a personal interest in people) which didn’t start in the modern Church until the Protestant Reformation, which (in my opinion) did it to stop the Church having so much power over ordinary people.

Unfortunately we get a lot of pagans who represent deity as something that they’re not. In my opinion some of these are people who the deities have tested and failed, although some will be nutters or special snowflakes. Once I was doing a meditation and had Herne the Hunter turn up. It was an Irish sort of meditation so I gave him a hard stare and told him he wasn’t Herne the Hunter. It was Angus Og mucking around and I wonder how many he’s conned who didn’t know better.

For those who are not into deity, I’m telling you a few of my experiences to show you that some people have real experiences with deity and not all of them are nice.

The first was with The Morrigan. I was in serious trouble at work and I prayed for help. A thought instantly came into my head to contact the union, which had just started up at work. I went to the local union rep, who told me to join the union and they’d represent me. I didn’t learn until much later that he shouldn’t have done that, the union rules were that they couldn’t help anyone who was not in the union at the time of trouble and he should have told me he couldn’t represent me and sent me away. Two and a half years later I walked out of there with £7K in redundancy plus shares. My rep later told me that he’d overheard my boss’ boss say “Fiona’s off with stress, let’s get her out of here”.

The second was with Siannon. For fifteen years I rented various properties and in all of them something went wrong with water. I had it all : showers and toilets leaking and in one case the circuit board of the shower went on fire! This started before I became pagan, so I didn’t think about it until my normally very cautious now-husband left the taps on in the bath and flooded our flat and the two below it. I meditated and got Siannon. A while later, she wanted me to do something for her. We were going away for a day and staying overnight, so I said I’d do it soon. The hotel we were staying was 300 years old and was fine when we went to bed that night. The next morning we woke up to no cold water. This was just us. We were transferred to another room which had enough cold water so we could wash etc and then it ran out. The poor manager was having kittens in case the kitchen was affected (it had happened once before) but we were the only ones affected. Nowadays, when Siannon says “jump” I ask “how high”.

The latest was with Brigit. She asked me to follow her and I wasn’t keen, but I said that if she gave me a child I would do so. At that time we had tried for two years with one miscarriage and had been trying for a further two years after that. I was forty-two years old and had been refused IVF because of age and being too fat. She gave me a son and now I follow her. I’m still not keen, but I have to uphold my end of the bargain.


Last week in meditation, Ogma walked in while I was talking to The Morrigan and announced that I was following him.

I have met him a few times in meditation and made offerings to Ogma before. One of his sobriquets is “honey-tongued” and since he is one of the champions of Ireland, I usually ask for his help when I need to fight with words.

I have no idea where this is going, but I will follow and find out.


I first started meditating in a psychic group in 1997 when I lived in Portsmouth.  This was your standard guided meditation.  I bought a tape the leader made and after leaving Portsmouth in February 1998 played it on and off – mostly off.

Some years ago I picked it up in earnest when I learnt of Immramic mediation.  It’s an Irish journeying meditation, and if you want to know more about it, is the best one.

In May of this year (or thereabouts) I was asked by The Morrigan if I wanted to be taught by her.  I considered the invitation and told her that I couldn’t at the moment as we were moving house and I wouldn’t have enough time to properly devote to it.  About a month after we moved house I was given a large hint by an entry in The Witch of Forest Grove’s blog where she said that anyone who did not accept a deity’s teaching request would have things go wrong in their life.  Of course I went back to The Morrigan, accepted and thanked her for the reminder.

So at the moment I do one teaching meditation a week, plus an Immramic one with my study partner.

Meditation is not always easy.  I’ve found you get the best results with all phones off and the curtains drawn.  You also need to make yourself comfortable.  If you have any aches and pains, make sure the parts of the body that ache are comfortable.  This is best done by lying down and if you are still aching, put a small, rolled-up towel to support the part that is aching.  If it’s a headache you have, don’t bother trying to meditate.  Leave it till the headache has gone away.

I always count down from ten when going into a mediation and count up to ten when coming out.  It is the way I my leader did it in Portsmouth and I use it because I never count up or down to ten in my normal life, so doing it only for meditation gets my brain into a meditative state.

When I get my aromatherapy oils out of storage I will experiment with various blends and inform you how it goes.  It may also be that certain blends are best for meeting various deities, so I’ll avoid using anything when I’m going to meet The Morrigan (until I know better) as I don’t want to annoy her.  Besides which, this means that one night I have a meditation without a blend (a as control) and the next night one with a blend, so I’ll be able to compare.

Sometimes meditation attracts what I’ll call undesirables.  You’re talking to someone in meditation and you get the feeling that things are not quite right.  It’s then that I protect myself and the entity has always screamed and gone away.  I’m going to try making a circle each time I meditate, as in my ‘umble opinion it’s better not to meet these things at all.  I don’t know what these undesirables are or what they want and I’d prefer not to find out.

Four times I’ve had the feeling that something in a meditation isn’t right.  Three times it turned out to be undesirables and the fourth was Angus Óg (Irish god) pratting about pretending to be Herne the Hunter!  I told him “hang on, you’re not Herne the Hunter” and he took off the headdress and laughed.  I wonder how many people he’s fooled into believing he’s Herne…