Danesbury Hill

On our way back from the West Country yesterday, we stopped at Danesbury Hill.  This is a Celtic Iron Age hillfort, most of which was dug by an archaeological team headed by Professor Barry Cunliffe from the sixties to the eighties.

Danesbury Hill is lovely to walk along.  We saw four different types of butterflies : chalk blue, marbled white, red admiral and an orange one I have yet to identify.  There were lots of flowers, including self-heal, clover, yellow vetches, forget-me-nots and some yellow ones which I didn’t know what they were.  There were also two ponies grazing the land.  I think I saw a medlar tree, but since it’s the first I’ve seen I need to check it in my identification books.  Medlars are unique in that the fruits of the tree are only edible when they are rotten.

I took an offering of water into the midst of the hillfort.  There is a place there, which has a ring of trees around a central tree which is very unfriendly to humans and very powerful.  My betrothed, who’s not sensitive to such things, could sense that there was a boundary.  I gave the offering and the hillfort seemed less hostile to me.


Beltane Part Three

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods.  I took an offering of water for my tribal tree and an offering of water for the guardian tree in the old part of the woods.

First I gave the offering to my tribal tree and talked with it for a while.  Then I went to find the guardian tree of the old woods.  This is a very old beech tree, with a huge trunk which dominates the old woods.  A circle of logs has been placed around the tree so people can sit on them.

I gave it the offering of water while walking around it in a circle.  I did talk to this tree and it was suspicious of what I was doing.  We humans have not treated the old part of the forest well, so it is suspicious of all humans.  I plan to give it an offering of water every time I give an offering to our tribal tree.  Hopefully it will become less suspicious of me in time.

Gods Giving Hints

A couple of years ago my normally very conscientious and careful boyfriend let the bath overflow and since we were on the second floor it flowed all the way down to the ground floor.  We had insurance to cover it and thankfully everyone was okay about it.

At that time I’d been renting for fifteen years, on a rough average moving once a year, and thinking back I realised that in every single one of those properties something had gone wrong with the water, usually shower trays leaking but in two cases the toilet had leaked.  No burst pipes, it was all leaking water.  So I came to the conclusion that there was something unnatural about this.

I asked advice but didn’t take any of it as I thought that the advice wasn’t any good, so I meditated instead.  And found that Sianon had been trying to contact me.  Sianon is an Irish goddess who was drowned when she broke the geis that was on the well of knowledge, hence the leaking water.

I was thinking about this in the bath on Saturday and also thinking about what the nurse had said at the doctor’s last Thursday, which was that I was someone who got a lot of joint problems.  I will always have back problems, because I have an exaggerated curve in my lower back and big tits, which puts a lot of pressure on my back.  But in the last few years I’ve had a trapped nerve in my left shoulder which won’t heal, trouble with my knees, sciatica in my left side (my left ankle still aches) and last Thursday I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, which is an injury to the foot.

Now I am not good at taking hints at all, so I started to wonder if a deity was trying to get through to me.  So after I’d got out of the bath and dried myself I did a meditation.

And found that Dian Cecht, an Irish god of healing had been trying to get through to me.  He was unhappy that I hadn’t picked up on his hints earlier and I literally had to grovel before he was placated.  On the plus side, he said I would heal now if I kept taking the prescribed drugs.

The majority of my deities have turned up in meditation if they’ve wanted to contact me, but this makes me realise that not all deities just turn up and that some need us to contact them.  I am going to be introduced to all my deities in meditation, which is just as well as I don’t want something like this happening again.

Water Worship

The Celts used to worship sacred springs and wells devoted to the deities.  One of the best known ones of these is the baths for Sulis Minerva in the town of Bath in England.  Sulis was a Celtic goddess who the Romans thought was the equivalent of Minerva, so they stuck the appellation of Minerva on to her name and with time I think she would have become Minerva.

Because the church failed to stop people making sacrifices and offerings at these springs and wells, the church took some of them over and consecrated them to the saints and they became holy wells and springs.  Others have become wishing wells in England, or clootie wells in Scotland.  A clootie well is where you take a piece of cloth, dip it in the water and wash the afflicted part of your body with it.  You then hang the cloth (or cloot) on a nearby tree.  This practice combines both tree and water worship with it.

The Celts would often throw damaged swords, damaged jewellery and coins into bodies of water as a sacrifice or offering to their deities.  Our wishing wells derive from these practices.  There is an old wishing well in the village of Sheldon in Devon, but a lot of wells are modern ones where the money goes to charity.

A few years ago I was living by a canal and working as a temp because I couldn’t get permanent work.  One of my agencies phoned me up offering me some work and I accepted.

On the first day I had to take a bus which got me to the job an hour early, so I hung around a shopping centre for a while.  This shopping centre then had a modern wishing well, so I threw a pound coin in and wished for what I wanted in my new job.

And I got it.  For the next year I threw a pound coin into the canal where I lived and wished for what I wanted to happen at my job and every time I got it.  I used the canal because we were living on and making offerings to the land next to the canal, so I thought the local spirits were more likely to be friendly to me.

And each time I got exactly what I had wished for.  Two years ago I got my present job and at that time doubts had crept in about what I was doing and I was wondering if it really worked.  So I didn’t do it for my current job and as a result I have been trying to leave that job from when I was a month into it.

I have also given a pound coin to a local body of water when I went on holiday and as a result have had great weather for the duration of the holiday.  One time we were in Venice and I foolishly decided to give it to a beggar instead.  The next day rain was forecast and we got a storm instead.  We had booked a walking tour and were drenched and our shoes and my favourite handbag were destroyed.  The next time I gave an extra pound coin to the waters of Venice in restitution.

In Rome it is also said that if you put money in the Trevi fountain you will return to Rome.  My betrothed has done this and gone back to Rome since he threw the money in the fountain.